How to convert a given array to a list in Java?

The java.util.Arrays class contains various methods for manipulating arrays (such as sorting and searching). This class also contains a static factory that allows arrays to be viewed as lists. For example,
Long[] nameIDs = { … … };
List nameIDList = Arrays.asList(nameIDs);

What is the advantage of <c:import> jstl tag ?
The <c:import> JSTL tag imports an uri in the webpage. The <%@include file=> imports the file at translation time. and <jsp:include page=> imports the file at request time. But they can imports the files from the same web app.
But in case of <c:import url=””> imports an uri in the web page. And it can reach outside the web-app. It can call an uri which is not reside in the same web-app.

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