What is Rowset ?

Rowset is the serializable vereion of ResultSet. Some RowSet object contains data that can be used in a disconnected operation. i.e. after closing the Connection the data is available in the RowSet.
Organized in 3packages
Javax.sql (interface RowSet)
Javax.sql.rowset (interface- CachedRowSet,WebRowSet,JoinRowSet)
Com.sun.rowset (In rt.jar)(CachedRowSetImpl, WebRowSetImpl, JoinRowSetImpl)
Hierarchy- ResultSet->RowSet->CachedRowSet->CachedRowSetImpl

Types of RowSet:

Connected RowSet:
A connected RowSet object uses JDBC driver to make a connection to the database and maintain that connection through out its life span. JdbcRowSet is a connected rowset.

Disconnected RowSet:
A disconnected RowSet makes a connection to the data source only to read in data from a ResultSet object or to write data back to the data source. After reading or writing data it is disconnected. A disconnected RowSet has no connection to its data source and operates independently.
Types : CachedRowSet

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