What is JDBC and ODBC?

•ODBC is the Microsoft’s implementation of CLI.
•It allows user to develop and deploy an application with C / C++ without targeting a particular DBMS.
•ODBC permits maximum interoperability because it independent of database.
•ODBC interface defines a library of system calls that allows application to communicate with DBMS and transacts with it.
•It enforces standardization of connection, error codes and representation of data.
•JDBC is a mechanism that allows java applications, applets and servlets to access data in popular database management systems in different platform.
•JDBC is the software layer that allows application to send SQL statements and to database management system and retrieve the results.
•JDBC functions same as ODBC.
•It is an interface between specific database drivers and java applications, applets or servlets.
•JDBC may be implemented on the top of the ODBC.
•JDBC driver implements protocols of java.

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