What is Comparable and Comparator interface?

What is Comparable interface?

• This interface can be used for defining natural sorting order of the objects.
• It is present in java.lang package
• It contains a method public int compareTo(Object obj1)

What is Comparator interface?

• This interface can be used for implementing customized sorting order.
• It is present in java.util package
• It contains two methods
public int compare(Object ,Object)
public boolean equals(Object)

What are differences between Comparable and Comparator?
1This can be used for natural sorting order1This can be used for implementing customized sorting
2This interface present in java.lang package2     This is present in java.util package
3Contains only one method:
public int compareTo(Object obj1)
3     It contains two methods.
public int compare(Object ,Object)
public Boolean equals(Object)


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